Coalescence separators with inlet closure

Usage and operation

Coalescence separators with inlet closure NIXOR-NKD, NIXOR-NKOD are used to pre-treat rainwater from urban watersheds such as parking lots, roads, maneuvering areas, etc., sewage from storage areas and gas stations and technological sewage, e.g. from auto-body shops, car washes and substations. We are able to achieve high efficiency of sewage treatment from petroleum substances thanks to the use of coalescence material which aid the gravitational separation of oil pollution. Sewage flowing into the device go through an outlet located in the main pipe and are distributed throughout the entire tank. This is where gravitational separation of pollutants found in sewage occurs. Then they flow through the coalescence material, where smaller elements of oil pollution that do not float under the influence of gravity are captured. The treated sewage flows through the siphon outlet. The devices are equipped in float closures that protect against the penetration of oil contaminants into the drain and inflow closures that stop sewage from flowing in case of closure of the outflow. In the case of separators without a NIXOR-NKB settling tank, incoming sewage must be pre-treated in a settling tank with adequate capacity.



NIXOR NKD and NIXOR-NKOD coalescence separator frames are made as concrete, reinforced concrete or plastic tanks. Equipment made of stainless steel and polyurethane foam are assembled in the production plant. In the case of the largest devices, whose frames are delivered in elements (device marking B for this type of device), equipment assembly takes place at the building site. Coalescence separators can be equipped with oil, sludge and overflow level sensors.



NIXOR-NKD coalescence separator with inflow closure

NIXOR-NKOD coalescence separator with inflow closure and settling tank 


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