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Simple and effective solution for sewage odors neutralisation
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Reliable and high quality solutions of environmental engineering
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Oil separators are devices that are used for treating rainfall sewage found in watersheds.

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settling tanks

Settling tanks are devices used for separating and retaining suspension of petroleum products from wastewater.

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Flow regulators

Rainwater flow regulators are used due to irregular occurrence and varying intensity of atmospheric precipitation.

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Anti-odor filters

Simple and effective solution to the problem of odours from sewer manholes and wastewater pumping stations.

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Sewage pumping stations

Sewage pumping stations are devices used for transporting wastewater in gravity and pressure sewerage systems.

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Sewage treatment concrete tanks

Distribution of precast concrete to the sewer system, in cooperation with the best production plants in Poland 

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Alarm installations

Alarm systems are used to monitor the level of grease and petroleum-derived substances collected in separators and in settling tanks.

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Nixor is a Polish company that was founded in Gdańsk and created by a team
of experienced people who have been passionate about engineering and environmental protection matters related to the industry
for many years. Our professionalism, reliability and individual approach to each client are what make us one of a kind.
Our innovative solutions and the highest standard of service give satisfaction and comfort to people who have put their trust in us.
The highest quality of our products and services is our flagship in the country and abroad.
Our offer is addressed mainly to companies from the water and sewage sector, water and sewage market enterprises and industry.

Our greatest success is the satisfaction of our clients!

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