Passive NIXOR anti-odor filters

NIXOR anti-odor filters are reliable, specialized devices used in places where odours have a negative impact on the quality of life and health. All NIXOR filters are developed in a plant strictly in respect to sewer odours in a given location.



Passive NIXOR anti-odor filters

Passive NIXOR anti-odor filters are a simple and effective solution to the problem of odours from sewer manholes and wastewater pumping stations. Thanks to their compact design, installation is easy and fast.  The filters work immediately after installation. Depending on the odour intensity, catalytic, carbon or biological filters are used.



Usage and Operation

NIXOR anti-odor filters come with three types of filter inserts that can be used interchangeably. The filter case is suitable for all types of NIXOR filter inserts.


Catalytic filters NIXOR-KAT

Designed to neutralize extremely burdensome sewage odors with a very high concentration of hydrogen sulphide (H2S) and ammonia (NH3). They are characterized by the highest efficiency and long term of operating time, due to the unique concept involving a two-step gas filtration in the catalysis process. An additional layer of specially developed catalytic carbon, impregnated with copper salts, accelerates the chemical reaction.


Carbon filters NIXOR-W

Adapted to neutralize  highly concentrated sewer odours. By applying active compounds to the activated carbon absorption capacity of odorants is increased. Absorption capacity for acidic vapors, used in filter inserts, is adapted for long-term work while maintaining high efficiency.


Biological filters NIXOR-BIO

Biological filters (biofilters) have an insert made of selected biomass produced on the basis of a certified document QMS. Biofilters are characterized by high efficiency while maintaining optimal performance. Internal Filter for sewage pumping stations vents and waste stacks

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